Red Seat Ventures partners with market-leading talents, brands, and personalities to develop unique media properties. We offer our client-partners an unprecedented mix of investment capital, technology, and skilled management, thereby allowing for the rapid launch of new businesses.

Red Seat takes a multi-platform approach to content creation, inclusive of web, mobile, OTT, audio and television production. Our current client portfolio includes well-known talents from film, radio, television, and beyond and crosses genres as varied as sports, politics, true crime. movies, faith, and interior design.

Red Seat's founders have a wealth of experience and a long history of successful real world execution. We don't just dream up strategies and hand over a document, we align our interests with our partners and then live and breathe our businesses every day. When circumstances, contracts, or technology change, we are there to adapt and take advantage.


We look for opportunities to partner with talent and brands that have:

> A unique connection with a defined audience.
> A large or growing media platform (TV, radio, digital, etc.). 
> Underdeveloped or underutilized digital assets. 

View a sampling of our current clients here.


As the team responsible for building one of the largest and most successful personality-influenced digital businesses in history—including one of the largest paid OTT video subscription services ever developed–we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to digital. We customize unique solutions for our partners based on their unique needs, constraints, and goals.

The Red Seat founders have years of experience working with high-profile talent and their respective teams—from agents to managers to key stakeholders at cable, broadcast, and radio networks. We work closely with all parties to design sustainable businesses that offer definitive and quantifiable results.


SECTION 42, ROW 37, 

It's a lone red seat in a sea of green and it marks the spot where the longest home run in Fenway Park history landed: 502 feet from home plate. It was hit by Ted Williams in June, 1946—and the record still stands today.

Sitting in seat 21 that day was an engineer named Joseph Boucher. After the game, he asked a reporter, "How far must one sit to be safe in this park?"

We chose the "Red Seat" name for our company because it symbolizes two things we work tirelessly with our partners to achieve: being the best, and being unique.